Water Gear Lycra Swim Cap Review

My personal favorite practice cap is the Water Gear Lycra Cap. Although this swim cap is not as form-fitting as the others, it does come with its advantages.

Purple Lycra Swimming Cap

First, its a good practice cap because it provides you with extra drag which can, in turn, make you faster the day of the race. Also, as a female, I really dislike the way some caps pull my hair. This cap provides a care free experience that does not snag hair in any way. The Lycra caps are made from a tremendously soft material (think of swimsuit material) and are definitely a necessity for all girls who are on a competitive swim team. It causes less damage to your hair and makes placement and removal a painless experience.

The Lycra material does not provide as sufficient of coverage against water as most swim caps do. So as long as you don’t mind getting your hair wet, this cap is perfect. Another great thing about these caps is that they are one size fits all, so you don’t have to be burdened with the task of trying to find a cap that is going to fit you to a T.

This cap comes in black, navy, neon orange, purple, royal blue, yellow, red, hot pink, and turquoise. Additionally, it comes in a zipper pouch meaning that the package is completely reusable.

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