February 2012 - The Swim Cap Guide

Barracuda Hot Head Cap Review

The Barracuda Hot Head Cap is a very unique type of swim cap. The Hot Head is made from neoprene which is the same material wet suits are made from. This cap is not meant to reduce drag for competitive swimmers, but rather to keep your head warm. It protects theĀ  vulnerable head region from […]

Speedo Silicone Bubble Cap Review

The Speedo Silicone Bubble Swim Cap is a great, comfortable cap made of 100% silicone. Remarkably, it also protects against UV rays! This is a very lightweight swim cap which is great swimmers of all types. It is very flexible, making it a breeze to put on. Also, the design of the cap does not […]

Aqua World Ultra Lycra Cap Review

The Aqua World Ultra Lycra Cap review tells you everything you need to know about this unique cap. Unlike other Lycra caps, the Aqua World Ultra is coated in polyurethane which provides this swim cap with the comfort of a regular Lycra cap, but with greater heat retainment. This cap is very easy to put […]

Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Cap Review

The Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide is a also a rather unique swim cap. Unlike most other caps, the Aqua Glide is designed with special ear pockets to help relieve pressure and prevent the cap from slipping. Not only are these ear pockets surprisingly comfortable, but they also work to keep water out of your ears. […]

Aqua Sphere Silicone Cap Review

The Aqua Sphere Silicone Cap is made with a great, comfortable material that is both durable and soft in texture. It is a one size fits all cap and boasts remarkable pliability and stretchiness. As a swimmer with long hair, I have found that one of the best features of this cap is that it […]

Water Gear Latex Cap Review

A great swim cap to use if you are on a competitive swim team is the Water Gear Latex Cap. This cap, unlike some of the other materials that are used, is very lightweight. Thus, it is ideal for swimming in warmer conditions. The anti-tear edge greatly increases the durability of the cap, so it […]

Water Gear Lycra Swim Cap Review

My personal favorite practice cap is the Water Gear Lycra Cap. Although this swim cap is not as form-fitting as the others, it does come with its advantages. First, its a good practice cap because it provides you with extra drag which can, in turn, make you faster the day of the race. Also, as […]