Speedo Critter Creeps Swim Cap

Looking for children’s swim caps? Speedo, a leader in swimming apparel and accessories now offers a full line of “Critter Creeps” monster caps for kids. These funky, colorful (and sometimes scary!) caps are great for little swimmers. Caps for kids are multi-purpose: they keep hair out of the pool, maintain untangled locks, and help to hold earbands or earplugs firmly in place. Thankfully, Speedo has come out with a fantastically fun alternative to traditional, solid color swim caps.

Speedo Critter Creeps Cap

Each cap is printed on durable, yet lightweight silicone with a unique monster face. The silicone material is ideal for children because it is both sleek and manageable. Many swim caps offer similar results, but silicone is known to be less bothersome when putting on or removing the cap – a great feature for kids! Not only that, this cap is completely latex-free. So no worries about allergies or discomfort. Check out the full line here!

Speedo has discontinued these caps, but you can find some similar kid’s caps by TYR.

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Water Gear Silicone Critter Caps

When it comes to finding the right swim cap for your child, there are several options to consider. Kid’s swim caps are often designed to be both comfortable and fun to wear. Water Gear Critter Caps offer just that. The silicone material is easy to slip on and off without the worry of hair-pulling (or tears!). Not only that, silicone is one of the most durable materials. With proper care, the life of the cap can be quite long.

Water Gear Critter Caps

One of the more interesting features of these caps is their design. Each cap is outfitted with an animal character of some kind. Whether it be a fish, shark, or cat, kids go wild for the funky designs! The styles are certainly true to form with ears and dorsal fins adorning the top, making kids feel like a real animal! The Critter Caps are affordable, durable, comfortable, and cute. Downside?

The TYR Happy Fish Cap is nearly identical and feels higher-quality than the Water Gear version.

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