Aqua Sphere Volume Long Hair Cap Review

Like most other caps produced these days, the new Aqua Sphere Volume Long Hair Cap is made from 100% silicone for durability and offers 100% UV protection. It’s an easy choice for folks with long hair of average thickness, but if you have extremely thick and long hair, you might be better off with a […]

Speedo FastSkin3 Cap Review

Renowned for its technical prowess and unheard-of streamlining capabilities, the Speedo FastSkin 3 Cap is the world’s first swim cap to feature IQ Fit Profile technology. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all model, Speedo crafted this cap to accommodate the subtle differences in users’ head shape with head mapping data. But, does this feature really […]

Speedo Aquatic Fitness Cap Review

The retro-inspired Speedo Aquatic Fitness Cap may look like it’s straight out of the 1930s, but the updated design and higher quality materials make this cap chic and modern, to say the least. Here are my thoughts on this latex fitness cap: If you’re constantly struggling with a loose, ill-fitting, slip-prone swim cap, then the […]

Types of Swim Caps Compared

With so many types of swim caps to sift through, finding your perfect match can be confusing – not to mention difficult. To help you out, I’ve assembled a quick guide to assist you on your hunt for the perfect fit, function, and form you want in a swim cap. Silicone Great for: Competitive swimmers […]

Swim Cap Care Guide

A swim cap can provide months, and sometimes even years of use to a loyal owner. But if improperly cared for, a swim cap could quickly become sticky, worn, or worse yet, moldy. If you’re not sure how to care your newly acquired swim cap, read through the swim cap care manual below. Swim Cap […]

All Star Bubble Cap with Straps

The All Star Bubble Swim Cap with Strap is an updated version of a tried and true design. Harking back several decades, the swim cap’s retro design is a great fit for fitness, recreational, and even competitive swimmers. Comfortable Design The All Star Bubble Swim Cap soft material is covered with small dimples. These dimples, […]

Speedo Critter Creeps Swim Cap

Looking for children’s swim caps? Speedo, a leader in swimming apparel and accessories now offers a full line of “Critter Creeps” monster caps for kids. These funky, colorful (and sometimes scary!) caps are great for little swimmers. Caps for kids are multi-purpose: they keep hair out of the pool, maintain untangled locks, and help to […]

Water Gear Silicone Critter Caps

When it comes to finding the right swim cap for your child, there are several options to consider. Kid’s caps are often designed to be both comfortable and fun to wear. Water Gear Critter Caps offer just that. The silicone material is easy to slip on and off without the worry of hair-pulling (or tears!). […]

Speedo Silicone Swim Cap

Another great option to consider is the Silicone Swim Cap by Speedo. This cap is similar to other traditional silicone caps, however, it is backed by the Speedo brand. This 100% silicone cap is soft and smooth with incredible stretchiness which allows it to slip easily on and off. As with other swim caps, this […]

Barracuda Hot Head Cap Review

The Barracuda Hot Head Cap is a very unique type of swim cap. The Hot Head is made from neoprene which is the same material wet suits are made from. This cap is not meant to reduce drag for competitive swimmers, but rather to keep your head warm. It protects the  vulnerable head region from […]